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Class Schedule 

Fee Schedule

One Class a week- $65/month

2 classes per week additional $50/month

3 classes additional   $35/month

Unlimited classes 1 child monthly fee $150 

Additional children unlimited classes add $50

 2019-2020 Schedule

2019-2020 Schedule
 Me & My Shadow
 Tumble Mania
 Level 1 Beginner Mighty Dawgs Age 5-6 years old (back bend & bb kickovers)

 Level 1 Beginner  Back bends, kickovers ect

 Levvel 1+ Backwalkovers and Front walkovers
 Level 2 Beginner Backhandsprings
 Level 2+ Backhandspring series
 Level 3  Tucks
 Level 4-5 Layouts and fulls
 Legacy Ninja Warrior
 Jump Class
 Flex Class
 Stunt Class
Dance & Twirling Class Schedule
Class Name
 Hip Hop 
 Hip Hop Tricks
 Dance Mania (Beginner Ballet & Jazz) Ages 3-5
  Beginner Twirling
  Intermediate Twirling
 Advanced Twirling
Team Schedule - JULY 2019
 (Fall will be available soon)
Faith (Level 1 Mini)
 Determination (Level 2 Youth)
 Trinity (Level 3 Junior)
 July 1 ONLY

 Courageous (Level 3 Senior)
 Wonder (Cheer Abilities)

Classes offered for ages 18 months - 3 years

  • Me & My Shadow

This class is done with a mom, dad, grandparent, babysitter participating in the class with the child.

We will work on balance, hand eye coordination, jumping with 2 feet, forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, ect.

Classes offered for ages 3 years - 5 years

  •  Tumble Mania

This 45 minute class will meet once a week and have bi-weekly themes that focus on basic gymnastics skills; while improving our strength, motor skills and hand-eye coordination. We will experience floor skills such as forward & backward rolls and cartwheels; as well as, beam, bars and tumble trak.

Classes offered for ages 4 and above

  • Boys Ninja Class  - Ages 5 & Above
This is a class where boys will work on speed, agility, tumble and Parqkore skills

  • Level 1 Intro - Ages 4-7

This is a level 1 class designed for our athletes that have been in Tumble Mania and ready for a longer class that continues to work on level 1 skills. This class is also great for beginner Tumblers who are concentrating on learning cartwheels, bridges, handstands and backbend kick-overs.

  •  Level 1 

This class is designed to work on the basics of tumbling, forward and backward rolls, cartwheels, backbend kickovers, handstands.

  • Level 1 +
This class is designed to progress past basic level 1 and add on with back walkovers, front walkovers, back extension rolls, roundoffs, etc.

  •  Level 2 Beginner Back Handsprings

Continue to perfect roundoffs, learn back walkover switch leg, roundoff backhandspring, front handsprings, etc.

  • Level 2 + Advanced Back Handsprings
Back handspring step outs, back walkover back handsprings, roundoff back handspring series, front walkover roundoff back handspring series, etc.

  • Level 3 Beginner Back Tucks

Begin to learn roundoff back handspring back tuck, punch fronts, and standing back handspring series.

  • Level 3 + Advanced Back Tucks
Roundoff series to back tucks, front walkover roundoff series to back tuck, aerial, jump to back handspring, etc.

  • Level 4 Beginner Layouts
Roundoff back handspring layout, standing back tuck, 2 back handsprings back tuck, punch front tumble out, specialty pass

  • Level 4 + Advanced Layouts
Series to layout, punch front stepout, jump back handspring back tuck, standing back handspring to layout, whips, whip thru to tuck, oneidi, layout stepouts, whip whip combo, etc.

  • Level 5 Twisting It - Beginner Full
Roundoff back handspring full, jumps to back tuck, front walkover roundoff back handspring full, whip back handspring full, etc.

  • Level 5 + Advanced Twisting
Roundoff back handspring series to full, kick full, full and 1/2, double full, standing back handspring to full arabian, whip punch full, front walkover punch front, standing back handspring to full, etc.

  • Elite Standing Tumble
Students who have mastered standing back handsprings series will focus on elite standing tumble passes such as jump to back handsprings, standing tucks, 2 back handsprings to a tuck, jump back handspring back tuck, standing back handspring to layout , standing full and other elite standing passes.

Dance Classes

  • Dance Mania
Pre-K & Kinder students learn basic dance elements.

  •  Variety Expressions

In this class you will get to experience and learn several genres of Dance. Every 8 weeks a new genre will be focused on while continuing to build on the previous genres learned. Ballet will be incorporated into each genre. Genres to be learned are Jazz, lyrical, clogging, drill team, and hip hop.

  • Hip Hop

This class will focus on Hip Hop dance and tricks.

  • Drill Team
This class is for 6th grade and up. It will focus on skills and dance related to preparing for drill team tryouts; as well as, enhancing and building on abilities and skills that the student already has to help them grow in confidence and take them to the next level.